What does it really mean if he's busy with work? | Men and Dating

"What Does it Really Mean if he's Busy with Work?"

Does he constantly tell you he is too busy with work to spend any time with you? You may find yourself wondering if he really is too busy or if he is simply trying to avoid you. Many women wonder if their guy might be seeing other girls or if he might be a player. Take into consideration that he might be busy just as he claims to be. If he at least makes the effort to keep in contact with you, despite his busy schedule, chances are he is telling the truth. However, if he disappears for days at a time and does not answer your calls or texts, he is likely seeing other women.

Sometimes men claim to be too busy with work because they do not know how to let you down easy. Therefore, he might be avoiding getting together with you because he does not want to hurt your feelings. If that is the case, ask him outright to be honest with you and do not feel hurt if he does not reciprocate feelings for you.

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What Does it Really Mean if He's Busy with Work?

There are plenty of other good guys out there waiting for someone like you. He just might be the type of person that can't disappoint people or say know or maybe he doesn't know what he wants.

When he tells you he is too busy with work, it may be because "he's just not that into you". You may have to be the one to tell him to hit the road and that you are moving onto improved things. Remain calm and amicable. Perhaps the two of you can still be friends. Just because the two of you are not compatible in a relationship together does not mean that you cannot get along with one another.

If he is insecure and likes to have girls available, he will likely tell you he is too busy with work to spend time with you. This allows him to keep his options open. He may be afraid of commitment and would rather date around before settling down. You can choose to accept this behavior and date around as well or you can tell him to find you when he is ready to make a commitment. If it is meant to be, he will be more than happy to commit himself to you in a full-fledged relationship rather than keeping you dangling on the side waiting for him to call or come by for a visit.

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