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"What Does Your Guy's Friends Say About Him?"

You can learn a lot about a guy just from getting to know his friends and observing his actions when he hangs out with them. For example, if he really likes you, you will be able to hear how much he talks about you to them. Guys do not boast about a girl to their guy friends unless he really likes her. Assess his ability to laugh at himself. This is a sign that he is an easy going man with a humorous attitude. You want a guy that is laid back and easy going for a strong, fun, and healthy relationship.

Watching how he acts around his guy friends helps you to determine how competitive he is. You can also find out; is he a leader or a follower? If he is the type that is capable of leading with a firm yet gentle hand, chances are he will be the same with his family life. You want a man that is capable of being strong, firm, and gentle at the same time.

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What Does Your Guy's Friends Say About Him?

If he is easily angered by competition, you may want to discuss this concern with him or move on to someone else.

Talk with his friends to determine what he likes to do. His friends can give you more insight into his lifestyle. They can let you know what type of sports he likes, who his favorite teams are, and if you are lucky, they may even share some embarrassing funny stories with you. If his guy friends are willing to accept you, chances are he has said nice thing about you to them and he really likes you. Take this as a good sign and make the effort to have fun hanging with the guys. He will appreciate that you are taking the time to get to know his friends and more about him.

Observing his behavior with his friends will allow you to determine where he positions himself in society. If he considers himself an equal among his friends, this shows that he has plenty of self-confidence. If he seems embarrassed or unsure of himself, this is a sign that he is down on himself. If he acts like he is better than his friends are, it means that he is egotistical and full of himself. It is up to you to determine what you want to do with this information and whether or not you want to remain in the relationship.

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